This product is very good for both human beings and animals. It has various benefits and can aid human beings in different ways. It is extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant and is being integrated into various products. Today, the use of CBD is restricted to a few states only but with proper research, it will gradually be available to all the countries in the world.

There are various controversies regarding the use of CBD. Some people say that it is harmful to our health and we should stay away from CBD products. However, this is not entirely true as most research has said that CBD is a harmless product and it does not cause any real life-threatening harm to human beings. The controversies arise due to the close association of CBD with THC. THC is another product which is more commonly referred to as marijuana. It can adversely affect our nervous system and lead to various consequences. It can lead to addiction which is one of the most deadly consequences of marijuana. Most CBD products contain little amount of marijuana in it which makes it a harmful product. So, before we purchase CBD products, we should carefully read the product information and make sure that our product does not contain THC in it because even a little amount of THC can lead to deadly side effects.

What are the various uses of CBD?

CBD as a painkiller:

CBD was most commonly used as a painkiller in the past. However, today various other benefits of CBD are being realized as well. CBD can give you relief from acute pain. It is given to victims of accidents to help them get relief from the pain which they have to undergo. It is also given to victims of cancer patient so that they can get relief from the pain caused due to the treatment of cancer. It is also used to treat deadly diseases like rheumatoid arthritis which is extremely painful.

CBD is used as an antidepressant:

Depression is one such disease which can destroy you from the inside. There are various people who are suffering from depression. Most of them do not even know about their disease. Those people get anxious all the time. Their self-confidence decreases and they have to face various consequences. They become victims of society and they start to have a nervous breakdown. So, if a person is feeling that he is suffering from the symptoms of depression, he should take medical help immediately or switch to CBD products. CBD product can interact with your nervous system and make you feel calm and confident from inside.

CBD a cure for cancer?:

Today CBD is considered to be a potential cure for cancer as well but research is still going on in this matter. It was seen that CBD could suppress the rate of cell growth. This property can be used to restrict the growth of malignant tumours in cancer patients. CBD can also give relief from the pain which is caused during cancer treatment. CBD oil can be used to cure nervous diseases like epilepsy and schizophrenia.

CBD can give you good sleep:

There are many of us who are not getting the proper sleep at night. Even after lying on our bed for hours, we are unable to sleep. This makes us restless and we are unable to concentrate on our work. We have to suffer from different kinds of diseases if we continuously suffer from sleeplessness. Insomnia is one such disease.  Consumption of CBD can give you the proper rest at night.

How can we consume CBD?

The most common way by which CBD is consumed is oral consumption. You will have to consume the CBD pills orally on a regular basis. However, the doctors are not very sure about the dosage but after various research, scientists came to a conclusion that even if there is an overdose, no such harmful side-effects can be observed. CBD is available in the form of CBD bath bombs as well. CBD bath bombs are added to bathwater before you go for a bath. In that way, CBD will be directly absorbed through your skin while you are having your bath. CBD is also used as topical. Various lotions and creams are available which contains CBD. CBD is mainly applied to the affected areas. CBD topical is mainly used to treat skin disease. You can also use CBD with your regular food items and watermelon Popsicle is one of them. You can use CBD extract in your watermelon chia popsicles to make a refreshing delicacy during the summer months.

CBD watermelon chia pops:

CBD watermelon chia popsicles are a refreshing food item to be consumed most during the summer months when watermelon available in plenty in the market. In order to prepare your CBD watermelon chia pops, you will have to purchase fresh watermelon from the market and turn them into popsicles.

How will you prepare your CBD watermelon chia popsicles?

These are the following ingredients which you are going to require:

  • Two cups of fresh watermelon juice
  • Two tablespoons of Chia seeds
  • CBD oil drops in watermelon flavour( 2 to 3 drops will be enough)


Mix the watermelon juice, Chia seeds and the CBD droplets in a container   for five minutes. Pour the mixture into popsicles moulds and keep them in the freezer. Allow them to freeze and then consume it. You can alter the amount of CBD droplets you add to your pops as per your choice.

Some other CBD delicacies for the summer months:

CBD can be used to make different delicious cocktails as well. CBD desserts are also quite popular. They are not only easy to prepare but also extremely good for our health. So, try to consume food items containing CBD in it. It will not only be good for your health but will also act as an energizer and recharge the cells of your body.



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